Simon Blair Wark

10 January 1990


On the morning of 10 January 1990, the body of Simon Blair Wark, known as Blair, was found floating about 200 metres off Dobroyd Point, not far from Manly. It was clad in jeans, shoes and socks but no shirt. Blair was known to be gay and an area near Reef Beach in the vicinity of Dobroyd Point, was a known beat where assaults had taken place prior to 1990. However, a shirt, belt, wallet and other property associated with him were then found the next day on a rock platform at the top of The Gap near Watsons Bay on the south side of the Harbour. The last known sighting of Blair had been at Double Bay on the afternoon of 9 January, the day before his body was found off Dobroyd Point.

Blair had a history of treatment for depression and, although he was not regarded by family members as deeply depressed or suicidal, he was exhibiting some concerning behaviour in the lead-up to his death. An autopsy found the cause of death to be multiple injuries consistent with having fallen from a great height.

The police report to the Coroner, which was dated 10 January 1990, that is, the day the body was found, indicated "no suspicious circumstances". Homicide detectives subsequently formed the view that the death appeared to be by suicide and the coronial file later included a note to that effect. In July 1990, the Coroner dispensed with an inquest on the basis that there were no suspicious circumstances.

Strike Force Parrabell designated the case as "solved", evidently adopting the view that it was suicide, and otherwise assigned it to the category of "no evidence of bias crime".

Blair Wark