Scott Miller

2 March 1997

Millers Point

Scott Miller grew up in Orange and was a keen footballer with many friends. There appears to be no suggestion that Mr Miller was gay. In early 1997, aged 21, after completing an electrical apprenticeship, he moved from Orange to Sydney to study Sports Science at the University of Western Sydney.

On the Saturday evening, 1 March 1997, Mr Miller was at the annual Sydney Mardi Gras parade with friends and he later went on to drink with some of them at various pubs in The Rocks.

On the Monday morning, 3 March, Mr Miller's body was found in a wharf area adjacent to Darling Harbour, at the bottom of a steep drop below a park near The Palisades Hotel in Millers Point. How that happened has been the subject of several police investigations. The possibilities included that he fell, or was pushed, or was killed elsewhere and his body placed where it was found.

In 1997, the finding of the Coroner was one of homicide, namely, that Mr Miller died of multiple injuries inflicted by a person or persons unknown.

Strike Force Parrabell assigned the case to the category of "no evidence of bias crime".