Robert Malcolm

January 1992

Robert Malcolm, known to his workmates as "Bob", worked in a clerical position at the GPO in Martin Place. He was a single man who lived with his parents in suburban Sydney.

On Friday, 10 January 1992, Mr Malcolm went for a drink after work with colleagues at the Menzies Hotel near Wynyard. He was still there at about 8.15pm when all others in the group had left. Not long after that, between about 8.30 and 10pm, a person thought to be Mr Malcolm was seen in Eveleigh Street, Redfern, with another man.

In the early hours of the next morning, Saturday, 11 January 1992, Mr Malcolm was found in a derelict house in Eveleigh Street. He was lying on his back, bleeding from the head and with his pants and underpants down near his ankles. He was taken by ambulance to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital where he died later that month on 29 January 1992. He was 41 years old.

The cause of death was the sequelae of head injuries. Mr Malcolm's injuries were extremely severe, including complex fractures to the base of the skull and the right side of the face, damage to the right eye, deep lacerations to the face, broken and missing teeth, and a fractured rib.

Two men, one of them now deceased, were charged with Mr Malcolm's murder and a third, also now deceased, was charge as accessory after the fact. All those charges were dismissed following a committal hearing in 1992.

Strike Force Parrabell classified this case as "solved" rather than "unsolved", and otherwise assigned it to the category of "no evidence of bias crime".