Gerald Cuthbert

17 or 18 October 1981


Gerald Cuthbert was murdered on 17 or 18 October 1981. He was 27 years old. He was a young gay man whose sexuality caused him significant personal conflict because of his adherence to the Christian faith.

He had been in a committed live-in relationship with a male partner for some five years up to the year before his death. However, he had ended that relationship in about July 1980, it seems because he had felt that it was incompatible with his Christian faith. He and his ex-partner remained friends, and on the weekend of his death Mr Cuthbert was staying in his friend's apartment in Paddington, being the apartment they had previously shared together for five years, while the friend was away on this particular weekend.

Mr Cuthbert was found stabbed to death in that apartment on Sunday, 18 October 1981. The last confirmed sighting of him was on the previous evening, Saturday, 17 October. Mr Cuthbert's injuries were inflicted by what looks to have been extreme and frenzied violence. He was stabbed more than 60 times and his throat was slit.

Strike Force Parrabell assigned this case to the "insufficient information to establish a bias crime" category.