Crispin Dye

December 1993


Crispin Dye died on Christmas Day in 1993. He was 41 years old. Mr Dye lived in Cairns but was in Sydney visiting his mother for Christmas. He was the former manager of the rock bands AC/DC and Rose Tattoo and he was also a musician in his own right.

On the night of 22 December, and well into the early hours of 23 December, Mr Dye was out drinking with friends in and around Oxford Street, Darlinghurst. At about 4am on the morning of 23 December, Mr Dye was observed lying on his stomach on the road in the laneway at the back of Kinselas nightclub. Police attended the scene a short time later and arranged for Mr Dye, who was unconscious, to be transferred to hospital. He died there two days later. The post-mortem identified multiple significant injuries, including fractures to the skull caused by a blunt instrument.

An initial police investigation identified one principal suspect and led to an inquest in 1994 and 1995. There was insufficient evidence to tie that suspect to the murder. The Coroner's finding in August 1995 was that Mr Dye died of the effects of a head injury inflicted by a person or persons unknown.

There was a second investigation, some years later in 1999, which also did not result in any charges being laid. Some of Mr Dye's friends thought he was gay or bisexual but whether that was the case is unclear. The scene of the attack was close to Oxford Street's LGBTIQ bars and nightclubs, and one suggestion in the evidence gathered by Police was that he may have been attacked by three men, and thus that a gang may have been involved. However, the area around Oxford Street was at the time also considered by police to be a hotspot for street robberies generally.

Strike Force Parrabell assigned the case to the category of "insufficient information to establish a bias crime".