Some cases being looked at by the Inquiry

The following provides an outline of some of the cases being looked into by the Inquiry into LGBTIQ hate crimes.

This is not an exhaustive list and will continue to be updated as the Inquiry’s work continues.

Mark Stewart

May 1976

North Head, Manly

Mark Stewart was 18 years old when he died.
Paul Rath

16 June 1977

North Head, Manly

Paul Rath was 27 years old when he died.
Richard Slater

22 December 1980


Richard Slater died on 22 December 1980 at Newcastle Hospital.
Gerald Cuthbert

17 or 18 October 1981


Gerald Cuthbert was murdered on 17 or 18 October 1981.
Wendy Wain

30 April 1985

Kings Cross

Wendy Wain was a transgender woman who was a well-known entertainer in Kings Cross in the 1980s.
Gilles Mattaini

September 15 1985

Marks Park, Bondi

Mr Mattaini was a young gay man born in France who lived with his partner, who was also French, in Bondi.
William “Bill” Antony Rooney

February 1986


William Antony Rooney, known as "Bill", died on 20 February 1986.
William Allen

28 December 1988


William Allen was a retired schoolteacher who lived in Alexandria.
Russell Payne

31 January – 2 February 1989


Russell Payne was 33 years old when he died in his residential unit in Inverell, NSW.
John Hughes

May 1989

Kings Cross – Potts Point

John Hughes openly identified as gay and was known to his friends as "Skinny John".
Ross Warren

22 July 1989


Ross Warren was a television news reader with Channel WIN4 in Wollongong.
Graham Paynter

13 October 1989


Graham Paynter was 36 years old when he died in Tathra, NSW.
John Russell

24 November 1989


John Russell was a barman at the Bronte Bowling Club, and he lived with his brother Peter at Bondi.
Simon Blair Wark

10 January 1990


On the morning of 10 January 1990, the body of Simon Blair Wark, known as Blair, was found floating about 200 metres off Dobroyd Point, not far from Manly.
Robert Malcolm

January 1992

Robert Malcolm, known to his workmates as "Bob", worked in a clerical position at the GPO in Martin Place.
Brian Walker

23 July 1992


Brian Walker was a happy go lucky man, described by his family as a talented artist and a “bit of wanderer”.
Cyril Olsen

21 August 1992

Rushcutters Bay

Cyril Olsen was a man who identified openly as gay.
Crispin Dye

December 1993


Crispin Dye died on Christmas Day in 1993.
Kenneth Brennan

12 June 1995

Elizabeth Bay

Kenneth Brennan was a history teacher with the Open High School in Sydney.
Carl Stockton

5 November 1996


Carl Stockton lived alone in Surry Hills and was a train driver, having previously worked in the Taxation Department.
Scott Miller

2 March 1997

Millers Point

Scott Miller grew up in Orange and was a keen footballer with many friends.
Samantha Rose

22 December 1997


Samantha Rose, who was given the name "David" at birth, was a transgender woman who worked as a computer analyst for Westpac Bank.